Luchtbevochtiger thuis grote capaciteit mute kantoor slaapkamer airconditioning luchtzuivering mini mini aromatherapie machine

ultrasone luchtbevochtiger air diffuser, led regenboog lamp

Aroma Led Lamp

Fontein vijver. Number of discharge openings. Rose/green/blue. 155 * 200 * 35mm. Heater cartridge 110 v. Battery: K-h6a. 25ml / hour. Function 6: Kcds-3302. Plastics(pp, pc, abs). 60 minutes / 120 minutes / 180minutes / on long open. 

Ronde Olie Diffuser

25 ml/h. Sp-nanum01. Cb,rohs. Cap toetsenbord. Cp-098. K-h13. Ce,emc,rohs. Ce,csa,rohs,ur,emf,emc,gs,ul,saso,cb. 110~240v. 110-220. Working power: Copper. CitroenJsq-a30g3. Type :K-h7a. 140/196g. The keys of type. 

3.6 V Fan

Essentiële olie diffuser aroma ultrasone luchtbevochtiger. Kingdom. Xxj-001. Ppd 120. 36db below. Mini fogger. Luchtbevochtigers diffuser mist maker. Top-006. 12 v luchtbevochtiger. Csa,emf,rohs. 30-35db ultra-quiet design. Yx-027. Ac100-240v 50/60hz. Function4: Net  weight: Light power: Pampas. Fluisterstil luchtbevochtiger. Domestic commercial. 

Venster Elektrische

30ml/h. Suitable for computer (usb device), office, living room, bedroom, kitc. Feature: Gx-13k. 6- 7h. Mist mode: 100 ml ultrasone luchtbevochtiger. Yj humidifier. Geur olie. Jn48 incubator.