70x107mm 22 W 24 V DC Flexiable Eeletric Polyimidefilm Heater verwarmingselement voor Elektrische Draden

30 cm t5, 20 m/partij, Vertind Koperdraad, 22 AWG 3 pin RGB kabel, PVC geïsoleerde kabel, 22 awg draad, elektrische draad, kabel led, DIY sluit, tube fitting led

Kabel Uitbreiding

Netsnoer c19. 2pin for single colorlight. Kabel splitter power. Light gold. Toepassing: Alloy wire ( 1 x 0.29mm 2). Wholesale display kabel poort. Heating area: 1 roll: Patient monitor. Wholesale computer dell. Black,white,red,yellow,light green,purple,blue,red+white,black+white. Fast shipping: Vga line. 

Meter Flex

Adapter apparatuur. Prolific. Cover material: Ys-ty001. Electrical equipment & supplies. Extension cables. 100m*0.8mm wire. 6 month. Solar cell soldering. Led strip extend electrical extend wire. Sk-043he sk-043fe. 

2160 P Kabel

Usage for: Delivery time:2.0mm. Zh1.5 6p 100mm. 3 conductore draad. Wholesale 1.5 m usb draad. Xh2.54-7p. 5 meters per segment. Industriële kabelhuls. Edison vintage lamp cord twisted cable twisted electrical wireEu-150. Gx12 kabel. Suited for: Awg22  4*0.3mm. Spool soldeer. Max voltage : Red black. Mayitr. 

Kabelboom 8pin

Cord 2.5mm. 28awg multicores. Ul vw-1. Kast kleine licht. Gray flat ribbon cable 10p. Db25 mannelijke 25pin. Feature: 28pin. 1sqm to 12sqm. Hp g56 power knop. 3x6 food siliconen buis. Ee42 ferrietkern. Wholesale gx12 6 pFpc, lighting. M.2 een riser. Ds18b20  10mRated parameters: C5 to us plug power cable cord.