NIEUWE Kingspec Tablet PC HD SSD NGFF M.2 SATA 512 GB Solid State Drive SATA III SATA II SSD Ondersteuning SATA, PCI E x2 PCI E x4,

x240 thinkpad, brian

Draagbare Pc

Componenten laptop. FastdiskSata iii mini pcieMsata ssd drive disk. Msata 3, mini sata, mini pci-e, sata (6gbps), sata3(6gbps)Ssd 8gb 30gb. Lenovo 320. S660st. Ksd-pa25.6-128ms(pa25128). Up to 560mb/s(read)   530mb/s(write). Half 40pin zif. Y570. Ide kabel 4. 70~190mbs/5~35mbs(for reference only). Sataii,sataiii,usb,msata. 

Raden Ultrabook

Read 70mb/s   write 15mb/s. Clickfree hard drive. Ce/zif. Ssd 240gb 120gb 60gb 32gb. Channel: Working temperature: Mk8115 kingspec. 4 channels. Sata host. Read speed 50mb/s-500mb/s write speed 10mb/s-450mb/s. Onderdelen hard disk. Color : Mac, pc, computer. Mixza. Kingspec slc ssd. 

Marvel Ssd

Msh-xxx. Depend on capacity. 3 years;. M4700. 476mb/s and 199mb/s. Mk8115/sm2246xt/mk6081. Sata ssd adapter. 128gb 256gb 512gb 1tb. Mini sata, sata (6gbps), sata3(6gbps). Gd cfast 32gb. Solid state drive sata 3. Ngff ssd 64 gb. Samsung evo 960. Phison ssd. 

Hard Drive Voor Laptop Ssd

Ssd 30gb 60gb 120gb  240gb. Externe ram drive. Ssd hd samsung. 1 t ssd. Mz-v6p512bw(mz-v6p512bw). Sataiii. Gd sata25 64gb ssd. Speed: 750evo 250g. Available for oem/odm service. 30*26*3.5mm. 2.5inch 100.2x69.8x7.00/9mm.