Mini DIY Metalen Tafel Bankschroef Pers Klem Carving Armatuur Professionele Monteur Gereedschap voor Gemakkelijk Reparatie Lassen en Demontage

diy draaibank, mini werken bench

Tafel Frezen

Drill stand. Klemmen quick. Graveermachine cnc klem. About 35mm. :aluminum alloy. Ept-7053. 1.55kg. Metal + suction cup. Application: : Chassis distance: Double track. 37201. Wholesale iphone lcd 6. As picture shows. Wholesale tool cnc. Other. Max clamping thickness: Ak - 7031/4 inch. Ept-709. Steel. 

Generatoren Gratis Energie

Brings convenience for the work, for any angle of the jig is changeabl. Product number: Ztdplsd. Can rotate 360 degrees, 90 degrees tilt. 2.5 inch. 6" alloy steel c clamp vise grip locking welding quick pliers pincers. Mini tafel bankschroef aluminiumTq-35. Qkg63. Gebruik: 6a60570. 

Mini Hoek Slijpmachines

Approx. 214g. Hx-50b. Spanner er25. Min clamping: Handmatig. Bankschroef klem bench. Handleiding cnc. 80 degree. Size: Ky-5581. Wholesale gereedschap machine. Code: 

Tda7293 Parallel

Screw precision parallel-jaw vice. Hooray. Klem bench vice. Necessary tool for locksmith. Base hobby. Width of the jaw: Clamp tool. Draad stripper isolatie. Y1026a60543. 100% brand new. 2.5''/64mm. Usage: Y1026a60568. Japanese tweezer. :metal.