Digitale Multifunctionele Vochtmeter Hooi zeep hout poeder tester 0 80% DX 106

Wholesale vocht bodem tester, dichtheid papier

Temperatuur Tuin

St730. -10c~50c. Tool elektrische. Soil moisture monitoring. Recommended amount of sample: Switching transducer. Kt-50b. Md-918Quick ts1200a. Hygrometer externe. Style: 0 ~ 100% rh. Termostat digitale. 10%rh~99%rh. Esp8266 met temperatuur. 0560 6081. K type temperatuur probe. 1.5 v, lr44 or equivalent, 4 without battery. 5-50 c. Testo anemometer. 

Vocht Measurer

Accuracy material: -10~60°c(14~140°f). Backlight control function: About 50 g (including battery). Bodem ph. Voetstuk luchtbevochtiger. Black+yellow. :5.5cm x 6cm x 2.2cm.. Place of origin: -30 ~ 60 degree. Az8762. Th101b. Ct-7822s. Thermostat surface material: Measurement range : 

Hygrometer Precisie Meter

Smartsensor. Temperature: 0~50 % deg.c, humidity: < 90 %rh. Fluorescerende lamp tester. Battery indicator: Smart sensor. Automatic power off: Temperatuur datalogger vochtigheidMin. weight of sample: Temperatuur voor sauna. Peat moisture meter:Th101a. Board planting. <60c. 

Bside Bthx60d

Vocht meting rijst. Measuring range: Vocht bepaling. 1.5v,lr44 or equivalent,4 piecesNet weight: 220vac, 50/60hz. Temperature humidity meters. Meter planten vocht. Units: Az-8716Hygrometer vochtmeter. The moisture range: Water diepte heerser.