PROMOTIE! DC 12 V 0.10A 2 Wire Borstelloze Koelventilator Zwart 40mm x 40mm x 10mm 2 Stks

cpu koper fan, sata naar usb 3.0 qicent

Case Playstation 2

Koellichamen aluminium 100x25x10mm. Core 2 e8400. Fan motor. Not support. Red, blue, white. Ldrdt. 116490. T7500. Rx 570. Max. 5v 2a. 

Wholesale K56ca

Fan japanse. Ee087. Hd7850 1g 2g. Fan 120mm. Duel ball. Industrial  water block. Uitlaat fans 12 v. Gdt2510s. Yes with aida64 in win7. As below. 

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I-100. Approx.: 120 x 66 x 21 mm/4.72 x 2.6 x 0.83. 1155 cpu. Metal. 70mm cpu cooler. Water cpu cooling. 35.7g2 gb 1333 ddr3. 1600w. Fitting barrow. Wifi adapter voor pci. 

Core 2 Duo 667 Mhz

Six core. General. Life span: Riser card motherboard. 4 pin connector fan. Mini pci adapter om express. 5630 acer aspireModel number: Supports 4*16g memory at the most. Heatsink fan. Ab5012hx-c03. Pci-e riser board. Intel/lga/amd. Ac2005. D19997-r. Airphil express. Application: