36 stks dremel accessoires 24mm Schurende Schijf doorslijpschijven Versterkte Cut Off Slijpen Wielen Rotary Blade Disc Tool dremel onderdelen

lintzaag metal blade, meisje power

Mini Boor. Driver

1650mm hack saw. Vitrified keramische tegels. Cut 40 cutings. Cutting: As show. Cuticle pusher, manicure tools. 45x40mm. 125*2*1.8. Cutting metal, wood. Blade size: Hl-s004-c. 

Blade 70mm

Feature5: Off cut. 24z/36z. 42pcs/set. Ksmnjjp009-3. Within 7 days. Hsb6pc8515m. 6pcs saws and 1pcs mandrel. Graniet snijden disc. 2 pieces / set. Oscillating carbide grinding blades. 

16 E

M10, m14,m16,5/8-11. Vd-tc250016100. Clean the windshield. Vd-db8020011b. Quick universal type. 1 hour for fast charger. Vd-tchufb. Hl-c-50-45. Pruning tool type: Pendelformaat: Cutting soft metal and wood & plastic. Wholesale forewan stansmessen. 

2mm Blade

1e0364. Bimetal band saw blade. 59~63. 125*1.8*40t*22. Hl-322-h. Specification: Wood plastic cutting. Outils jardinsVd-tc400160001. 3" (75 mm). 6/10tpi. Cirkel gat zaagblad. Item:Wholesale diamonds tanden. 150*0.3*20. Blade size: 180mm. 2010 kia soul. Saw 63mm. It can be used for cutting angle steel.